How would you like to be called fat or ugly or even stupid on your own blog, just because you are standing up for a particular group of people? You would feel like shit, I guarantee it. Good thing I am a strong person and I don't let stupid ass people get to me. To anybody who called me ugly or fat: Fuck you. I don't give a shit what you think and I know I'm not. For all of those assholes that called me dumb, stupid, or "retarted:" First off you spelled retarded wrong (haha). Second off I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you. I try to defend others, not attack them. All of you need to pull your thongs/granny panties out of your ass. Have you noticed that pretty much no guys left negative comments towards me? That's because they are not drama bitches, unlike all of you. They also are a lot less judgmental. It's sad how you girls can call a guy messed up, when truly, you're a lot worse. None of you are "cool" for trying to talk shit to/about me, especially when most of you are bragging to your friends that you "told someone off." Especially since it didn't make any difference in who I am. Another thing, everyone goes through their phases. For those of you who said you used to be or act "scene," you are a hypocrite. Keep thinking about it. If you used to do something and no longer do, but give people shit about continuing to do it, you are a truly fucked up person for even thinking you are better than that person. Therefor: Stop trying to verbally attack me just because of the way I am/used to be. I would never stop being something and verbally assault the person who decides to continue to be that way. All of you are bullies (yes, like in grade school), you pick on someone because you are unimpressed with your own life. You all need to learn to shut up. You wonder why people hate you. "Haters make me famous," ha. Most non useful line there is. You should feel bad that people hate you, because most likely you did something to make them hate you. And one last thought: Hair dye does not change you into another person. Neither does acrylic nails or spray tans. All it does is make you confident. So stop using the word fake towards other people, it makes you look bad.

Oh and thank you to all the people who wrote me positive comments. You guys are setting great examples for other people. I appreciate it. (:  Continue to comment.