Okay, so you want to be a scene kid, But don't know what they look like... 
They are Hardcore and Fashionable kids all at the same time.
Here's Some Clothing/Accesories/Piercings/Makeup/Hair dos/ETC  ideas:

 Hardcore band tees
Skinny jeans [a Fave] (:
Belts, belts and more belts
Tutus [optional]
Huge framed sunglasses
Bracelets [colorful]
Diamond shaped necklace
Hello kitty anything!
Septum Piercing
Snake/Spider bite piercings
Tattoos [guns, colorful, etc]
Choppy and layered hair
Neon or bright colored hair
Neon Makeup
Black makeup
Nude colored lips
Fishnets {girls only plzz}
Ballet flats
Hair bows
Hair Extensions
Black hair
Bleach Blonde hair
Coontails of every random Color    

Now that we got That part covered... Next we can show some pictures of scene kids..