Heyy, Hello(: AshleyAnatomy here.. just want3d to start off my blog by telling you a little about myself..
okay, so, 
The name's Ashley(Anatomy), I am 16 years of age.

I blowout my candles on 7/7/of oh eleven [next year]
I AM bisexual, so get over it.And, I Obviously [hate] Homophobes.
I love: Zebra print, Hello kitty, Pandas,
the name Aiden Jay, and Hot pink/lime green.

I cant stand fakes, or people who have wayy to much in common with me. 
I am pretty easy going [not easy].
My friends mean the world to me and no one can take them from me. 
And lastly, if you fuck up with me, i dont forgive easily. You have to build trust back slowly.

Well, thats pretty much it(: Don't be afraid to ask questions..