Basic Scene Makeup(:...

First, Find a powder foundation slightly lighter than your skin color. Powder your entire face, blending smoothly into your neck line. Next, Put a thin layer of blush [bright pink preferably] and start at your cheek bone and work your way up. Then, Using a pencil eyeliner, line your bottom lashes. (not on water line) Use thin lines at your tear ducts and thicker as you get to the corner of your eye. Next, the top lash line.. Repeat last step except, wing out your eyeliner on the end corner of your eyes. After that, Use a liquid liner to trace over the top eyeliner. Then, using a Q-tip, smooth out your bottom liner starting at your tear ducts and working your way outwards. This will make your eyeliner  more shady then just plain black. Balm your lips with lip balm of any kind. Take a light shade (lighter than your skin color) and pat on your lips evenly. and Lastly, put on a light pink colored gloss over your lips. And Congrats! (: your'e done..  

Tip: If you have a piercing on your lip, you can remove any makeup with a basic q-tip!

Finishing result... {may vary}